Amongst the thousands of new products unveiled at this years international CES global consumer electronics and consumer technology trade-show in Las Vegas were two remarkably different but complimentary devices. The first, a 3D food printer from US firm 3D systems that shapes sweets and chocolate in ways that would be difficult to produce using traditional methods. The second, an antidote for these sugary substances, a smart toothbrush that monitors and tracks your brushing habits.

Developed by former Google and Microsoft developer Thomas Serval, the Kolibree is a nifty device that connects your toothbrush to your smartphone via bluetooth. The advantage of this? It can track your brushing movements - with the help of an inbuilt accelerometer, gyroscope and digital compass - providing information such as how long you’re brushing your teeth for, how hard, and how often in an effort to improve oral and dental hygiene. Priced between €99-200, there is an added function to connect with others and monitor their progress. An easy way for parents to keep tabs on dental hygiene and curb lazy brushing.

While Kolibree doesn’t proclaim to solve gum disease or suggest it can keep cavities at bay, it is a precautionary measure in keeping with the growing demand for health monitoring and quantified self apps. Devoting our first magazine issue of the year to this topic, health and well-being are fast becoming big business in the tech industry, and you only need to look as far as recently covered devices such as NeuroOn Sleeping Mask and Puma's Run Navi for proof.