Music Tech Fest 2015 touches down in Sweden, mixing performances, experiments, hacks, demos and installations

Since 2012, Music Tech Fest has been redefining how music is perceived, performed and experienced. After successful festivals in London, Berlin, Paris, Wellington and Boston, Music Tech Fest brings the event to UmeΓ₯ (European Capital of Culture 2014), bringing together top artists, scientists, music industry experts, inventors, media professionals, researchers, performers an educators to celebrate and invent the future of music.

The festival features activities for the whole family, musical collaborations and improvisations, workshops, events and installations. Stand out events include: a 24-hour hackathon where 50 pro hackers, makers, designers and artists from 14 different countries will gather to invent the future of music; an instrument-making workshop where you can build your own playable musical instrument; the 4Sound Jam Camp, where anyone can pick up a musical instrument, use their own or bring the one they made in the workshop - and join in the weekend-long jam session; the World's Biggest MIDI Controllers - an interactive Yellofier app where you and your friends make music together using giant inflatable cubes and the Soundation Boot Camp where anyone of any age can learn to make a song.

Sweden is doing everything it can to promote the future of music and technology in unison. Earlier this year Swedish pop star Robyn partnered with Sweden’s leading technical university, KTH, to host Tekla Festival, a one-day event of workshops and speakers to inspire young-girls to pursue a career in technology.

Music Tech Fest Scandi is a free event running from 29-31 May