Esquire’s food editor Ryan D’Agostino has put together 75 recipes of 'man food' in homage to the defining dishes of every man’s life. He’s employed the help of chef friends including Daniel Boulud, Tom Colicchio, Eric Ripert and Michael White, to shortlist a selection of recipes for the man who loves to eat, read, dream and cook food. The book includes handy kitchen tips and food related things he reckons every man should know about. Amongst the golden nuggets of foodie knowledge the book features a definitive step-by-step, dos and don’ts guide to hosting a dinner party. The Eat Like a Man cookbook doesn’t just teach you how to make a breakfast sandwich, it teaches you how to make Granddad’s breakfast sandwich. It’s a personalised account of essential cooking. It’s food for the soul. The foodie movement continues to hold strong with The Meatwagon’s sold out event Meateasy at the Dalston Roof Park that took place Friday. Some of our favourite food sites are doing really interesting things like Foodspotting (sharing the best place to grab everything from a salted caramel ice cream to pastrami sandwich) and On Plate, Still Hungry is about to launch. Make sure you sign up to their newsletter here. You can get your own copy of the Eat Like a Man cookbook here. Till it arrives, stay connected through the Eat Like a Man Esquire blog here.