Chune is a new smart speaker that collects individual playlists and transforms them into a joint mixtape, able to liven up any party or gathering. The cube-shaped device came about after a brief was given to three interns by the UK-based design agency Clearleft, that tasked them with thinking of a new way to interact with digital media.

The project team used Rapberry Pi to create a wi-fi enabled speaker that allows multiple users to 'pour' their songs into it. They only have to download an app, tap their smartphone on the top of Chune, and watch the LED matrix coming to life as their preferences get added to the mix. The designers also took a minimalist approach to this task, including only three control knobs - volume, vibe, and skip -  all self-explanatory.

Because it ingeniously combines popular music services, like Pandora or Spotify, with retro inspired sound systems, and at the same time, keeps everybody happy by overcoming the problem of different musical tastes, Chune might just be the gadget everybody has been waiting for.