Kuvée's smart dispensing bottle promises to keep your wine fresh for 30 days, pours accurate single servings and allows you to order new wine to your front door using it's touchscreen label.

Digitally savvy consumers are increasingly looking for products and innovations that can streamline their lifestyles, enter Boston startup Kuvée’s eponymously named smart dispensing bottle, which promises to bring optimisation to the experience of wine consumption.

Casual wine drinkers and connoisseurs alike have long bemoaned traditional wine bottle's inability to keep their contents fresh. Kuvée’s Wi-Fi enabled smart dispenser, (which looks like a more robust version of a regular wine bottle), keeps its contents fresh for up to thirty days. This is achieved by a combined pouring and preservation valve that prevents oxygen entering the bottle. As a result, consumers can open several wines and enjoy them without the fear that leftovers will be wasted.

Kuvée has assembled a world-class team of entrepreneurs, engineers, and wine lovers to create an entirely new way to experience wine at home, as the winemaker intended.  With freshness, personal discovery, and convenience at the core of the experience - Eric Paley, Founder Collective

The patent pending Kuvée bottle also boasts a touch screen that provides comprehensive information about the encased wine, the amount of servings left and even food it could be successfully paired with. If that were not enough, thanks to the internet connectivity, consumers can browse the Kuvée wine store, (which contains over 50 different selections), and order new bottles of wine from some of California’s best vineyards straight to their front door. Wine purchasing has never been so convenient, nor so dangerous.