Hey 👋 we're a community of founders, thinkers, creators, researchers and strategists who believe in a better way to grow.

We are in a time of transition between models of value creation, ownership, exchange; and as such have a unique opportunity to ensure the next stage of humanity is one that is in service of the greater interconnected, interdependent whole.

We see the potential of web3 to turbocharge economic, natural and social regeneration, we’re exploring this world to understand how it can lead to the world we envisage.

We're curating and creating resources, tools, frameworks and more to support organisations to grow good.

Season Four

Here, now, together.

We're inviting all Protein members to create new value and connections across the ecosystem

1: Share Ideas

Members are invited to share ideas for Season initiatives in the Discord forum


2: Request Funding

Supported ideas should submit applications to the Grants Committee to request $USDC and/or $PRTN

3: Receive funding

The Grant Committee will evaluate ideas and allocate funding to supported and impactful ideas

Develop Supplement into a world-leading member-curated newsletter

Create NFT access for Protein Studios

What this could look like...

Create a Protein directory to put names to faces PFPs*

Create a series of events in the Studios event space

Innovate agency ways of working by developing AgencyDAO


More info

On a unanimous vote the community decided to focus on integrating the activities of Community with those of Agency and Studios.

This season will be one of discovery through experimentation. We are not aware of another instance of the hybridisation and merging of DAO with IRL organisations. We are pioneering. There is no playbook. So, we experiment.

We are creating conditions for experimentation this season through this funded light-weight call for projects. We are prioritising the USDC in our treasury to support people and teams that devise and deliver on projects that meet our Season 4 objective:

Develop connections and relationships across the Protein ecosystem, creating new utility for $PRTN with existing assets.

In the spirit of experimentation, we don’t want to create burdensome processes. We hope to elicit as many ideas - and support as many projects - as possible.


If you have an idea for a way of integrating community with agency or studios, you just need to suggest it in a #season-four channel thread – feel free to @ other members to comment. The idea does not have to be fully formed at this stage, just a snippet or a link or even a question.

In that thread members will then indicate their support for an idea through the Protein ➕ emoji. 

Members can aso express their desire to contribute to that project through the 👋 emoji and commenting.

A well supported idea will be one with an active thread, where there is enthusiastic support for the idea in principle, and a workable level of interest to contribute to it.

The grants committee will represent all parts of the Protein ecosystem and this group will decide on final projects to trial this season. They may make recommendations, or suggest metrics of success. Proposals that involve Protein Agency or Studios will involve representatives of these groups in the decision making process.


Explore the future of  💊 Supplement

Our member-curated newsletter has 35k subscribers, how could we take this further?

Agency 3.0

By exploring new models of collaboration, and by joining our Agency DAO project, we're inviting new thoughts and ideas about ways of working

Our own studio

The Studio space currently houses